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Throw-in world's primary business activity is to help footballers achieve a longer, faster and more intelligent throw, to make football players run faster, as well as to give lectures and seminars for coaches and clubs etc.

Throw-in world primarily provides services in the form of online video courses on throw-ins and relevant exercises, as well as various materials on throw-ins etc. published on Throw-in world's website www.throwinworld.com


Access to www.throwinworld.com and use of materials, texts, etc. on www.throwinworld.com can take place only if the user agrees to the terms and conditions stipulated herewith governing trade in throwinworld.com and use of www.throwinworld. com in general.

Throw-in world can not guarantee that the user will achieve positive results by using texts, videos and courses on www.throwinworld.com.

Throw-in world can not be held responsible for any damage or defects or other conditions arising from the use of throwinworld.com.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the user is physically prepared to carry out the advice described on throwinworld.com.


that the user does not suffer from physical problems in training

that the user is responsible for carrying out any necessary warm-up excercises prior to training

Throw-in world is not liable for defects or delays of any kind, except as provided below, to the user’s access to online courses at Throw-in world. Your use of Throw-in worlds online courses or the content of www.throwinworld.com is completely voluntary and it is always the user’s choice whether, and to what extent, the user will make use of them.

When a user purchases online courses it is specified, in particular, that Throw-in world is not responsible for whether the user can access or use the online course, unless the lack of online access or opportunity for the use of the online course is due to circumstances for which Throw-in world can be held responsible, and for which Throw-in world can be shown to be negligent. Throw-in world is thus not responsible for the whether or not the user's IT equipment is suitable for use in conjunction with Throw in world's online courses or other content on www.throwinworld.com since Throw-in world’s responsibility is limited to only cover cases where the user's inability to access or use online courses at Throw-in world is due to circumstances that can be shown to be the result of negligence on the part of Throw-in world.

Throw-in world is not responsible for any virus attacks/malware/spyware on the websites www.throwinworld.com, as Throw-in world is not liable for failure or disruption of www.throwinworld.com.

If the user is unhappy with the content on www . throwinworld.com or content of the online courses offered by Throw-in world, the user only possible recourse is to discontinue the use of the content on www.throwinworld.com and the content of Throw-in world’s online courses.